Big Ten Basketball Fans Upset of Indy Smoking Policy



If you happened to watch the news yesterday, you probably saw a few stories in regards to 3 Big Ten Schools (Michigan State, University of Michigan and Iowa) upset over being assigned bars that allow smoking, even though they hail from states that don’t allow smoking in bars. We assumed something like this might happen, and even mentioned it in our blog yesterday.


Here is a recap of the local media:

IBJ (who ran the original story and published the letter from the MSU Alumni)

WRTV (don’t forget to vote in the poll!)



We’ve also been hearing that alumni from these three schools have been sending in more letters to Indiana Sports Corporation (the group who decides which bars get which teams) and to the bar owners themselves.


As the letter from the MSU Alumni stated, it is time for Indianapolis and Indiana to move forward, put our best foot forward to our visitors, and pass a law that will make our bars and nightlife smokefree.