Keep up the pressure on the Senate Public Policy Committee to pass a strong smokefree bill that includes bars

Great news smokefree advocates! The Senate Public Policy Committee will hear House Bill 1018, the statewide smokefree air bill, this Wednesday at 1:30! Our coalition is working hard to ensure that the Senate will pass the strongest possible bill.  Over the next two weeks, our partner organizations will be mobilizing their supporters to make sure that we finally pass a statewide smokefree air law.


We know that secondhand smoke harms everyone, regardless of where they work.  Tell the Senate Public Policy Committee members to pass a strong bill that includes bars.  Thousands of employees working in smoke-filled bars are counting on us to help protect them from the deadly consequences of secondhand smoke.


You can visit this link: to send messages to the individual Committee members.


List of Public Policy Committee Members:

-Senator Ron Alting (Chair, Co-sponsor)

-Senator Vaneta Becker

-Senator Mike Delph

-Senator Randy Head

-Senator Jim Merritt

-Senator Joe Zakas

-Senator Tim Lanane

-Senator Greg Taylor (Co-sponsor)

-Senator Jim Arnold

-Senator Brent Waltz


When contacting these members, please be sure to stress that bars need to be included in the bill. Numerous studies show that smokefree air laws dramatically reduce heart attack rates.  Not only would a smokefree law benefit the public health, business too will benefit.  A 2010 Michigan Department of Treasury report showed no significant impact on statewide sales tax receipts after the smokefree law went into effect. Nightclubs and restaurants saw increases in receipts.


This is the year to go smokefree!!





Danielle Patterson, Chair

Indiana Campaign for Smokefree Air