Action Alert: Smokefree air bill is still alive in the Senate

The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.  – Mark Twain


Yesterday evening, Senator Ron Alting, who is the Chair of the Public Policy Committee (where the smokefree bill currently sits) publicly stated that “the bill is dead” and he would not allow a vote on the issue.  A few hours later he backtracked and announced that he changed his mind.


Despite the majority of people in Indiana who agree that all workers in Indiana should be protected from exposure to secondhand smoke in the workplace, and despite the hard work of our coalition and our wonderful advocates, there are still some lawmakers who just don’t get it.  There are legislators who would be perfectly happy to pass one of the weakest bills in the country, or no bill at all.  If we are going to get this done, we must act now and we must keep pressuring the Senate. We need to show the Senate that we are not backing down and we are not going away.


Here’s are two things you can do this week:

- Call Senator Alting’s office at 317-232-9517. Ask them if the smokefree bill is dead.  Tell them that this is unacceptable.  Request that they pass a smokefree bill that covers bars and workplaces.

- Then visit this link: to find your own Senator. Call their office too.  Tell them you are calling about House Bill 1018.  Request that they work with Senator Alting to pass a smokefree law covering bars and workplaces.



It is now or never.  Please make your two calls today, then forward this message on to your friends, relatives or someone you know that wants smokefree air.  Remember, these lawmakers are supposed to work for you – make sure they know that the people in their districts want a strong bill passed.




Danielle Patterson, Chair

Indiana Campaign for Smokefree Air