Editorial Coverage from Senate Vote on Smokefree Air

There have been gobs of news stories from right here in Indiana and across the US from Wednesday’s news of the Public Policy Committee of the Indiana Senate essentially defeating HB 1018, which would have made some workplaces in Indiana smokefree. You can read our official reaction to the Senate’s action, but we think many of Indiana’s newspapers have said it best and we would like to send a shot-out to them, thanking them for their continued editorial support of this issue. Here are just a few.


- IndyStar

“Hoosiers deserve better than HB 1018. If they can’t have a law that’s up to the task this year, they’re better off waiting. They should remind their elected servants that, for 1,000 Hoosiers, there won’t be a next year.”


- Palladium Item (Richmond, IN)

“By the time the Indiana House finished its handiwork on House Bill 1018, Hoosiers were looking at a mockery of the law, a smoking ban that offered exemptions galore to about any interested party seeking an out.”


- Tribune Star (Terre Haute)

“So, let’s take a deep — and smoke-free — breath and wish that a good bill had passed in this legislature but also be relieved that a bad bill did not.”


Update: We’ve found a few more editorials.

- Courier & Press (Evansville)

“Isn’t it somewhat hypocritical, then, for a state that pegs a portion of its economy to improving human health to still be among a minority of states that allow smoking and the spread of secondhand smoke in too many public places?”


- Northwest Indiana Times (The Region)

“It’s a proven health hazard, and the callous actions of the Senate committee show how dedicated they really are to improving the life expectancy of their constituents.”


-Journal Gazette (Fort Wayne)

“Laws are like sausages, it’s been said: Better not to see them being made.”