Weekly Round-Up

Sorry for a lag in blogging this week. Things have been quite crazy at the Capital. We’ll try and provide you a well rounded recap of things that went down this week. Here goes.


Well, to start of the week, the Northwest Indiana Times reported that HB 1018 is essentially dead for this legislative session.   There is still time (1 week left) for our Indiana General Assembly to make Indiana smokefree. Alison Martin, of the American Lung Association in Indiana, sums up our thoughts exactly in a Letter to the Editor of the Indy Star; It’s not too late to have smokefree workplaces for all.


Bruce Hetrick also blogged this week about the General Assembly’s double standard in regards to regulating texting while driving, but failing to do anything about smokefree air.


Let’s see, what else…Oh yeah, last minute attempts to abolish Indiana Tobacco Prevention & Cessation and cut their budget by 50%. Matthew Tully of the IndyStar dedicates his column today on the attempt by the GOP to kill Indiana’s anti-smoking program.


The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) also predicted this week that all 50 states will have a smokefree law by 2020. And also pointed out that 25 states have a state-wide law that covers workplaces, restaurants AND BARS. Yes, bars. Secondhand smoke is responsible for 46,000 heart disease deaths and 3,400 lung cancer deaths among nonsmokers each year. Why not Indiana?


We hope this helps recap some of this week. Have a great weekend everyone.


UPDATE: Forget to mention that Bismark, ND and Macon, GA passed laws that would eliminate smoking in bars! Congrats you two!