New Study Showing Lives & Dollars Saved by Making Indiana Smoke-free

The American Cancer Society’s Cancer Action Network commissioned leading experts to derive updated and expanded estimates for the health and economic savings for those 27 states that do not have a strong smoke-free law in place. Of course as you know, this includes Indiana.


The estimates show that in each of these states a strong smoke-free law would result in fewer smokers, fewer smoking-related deaths and fewer youth who become adult smokers. The study finds that with fewer smokers, Indiana would substantially reduce health care costs associated with smoking related death and disease.


Making all Indiana workplaces, restaurants and bars smoke-free would prevent about 27,300 youth from becoming smokers, and within five years, Indiana would save an estimated $74.25 million in lung cancer, heart attack and stroke costs. Indiana could also expect to save $1.29 million in Medicaid costs.


Attached is the full study, and the Indiana report is on page 23 . And here is the IndyStar’s recent coverage of the study.