Allowing casinos to go back to smoking will not bring patrons back: they never left

Earlier this year, the tobacco control advocates were victorious in an attempt by the casino and tobacco industry to roll back IL’s Clean Air Act which would have allowed their casinos to become smoking.


There were anecdotal  cries from the casino industry about all the dollars they have lost since the implementation of the Clean Air Act. Well, a study published online this month in the journal Tobacco Control says differently.


Some text from the article:
Appearing under the self-explanatory title “Exempting casinos from the Smoke-free Illinois Act will not bring patrons back: they never left,” the study compares state unemployment and home construction data with casino admission figures in Illinois, Iowa, Indiana and Missouri.

It’s conclusion?

“When economic conditions were accounted for, casino admissions in Illinois did not decline significantly relative to neighbouring (sic) states, nor did admissions increase in neighbouring (sic) states,” the study says.


Hopefully next year when Indiana will try once again to pass REAL smoke-free legislation, we take this study into account.