Our Response to Governor Daniels’ Recent Comments

As we mentioned last week, Governor Daniels said some encouraging words about the chances of a smoke-free bill passing next year in the General Assembly. Well, we thought we should respond to Governor Daniels, thanking him for his support. So, we sent him this letter. Enjoy. (also attached)


Aug. 19, 2011



Dear Governor Daniels,


On behalf of the nearly 400 organizations represented by the Indiana Campaign for Smokefree Air, we want to thank you for your recent comments in the Evansville Courier-Press and Indianapolis Star about the growing public support for smokefree legislation and your personal support for “anything that helps people avoid cigarettes.”


We are encouraged by the recent report that the smoking rate in Indiana has dropped to 21.1 percent, but clearly a comprehensive statewide smokefree law would lower that rate even further.


As you enter your final year of office, you have an opportunity to leave a lasting legacy on the physical and fiscal health of all Hoosiers.


The more we reduce the impact of secondhand smoke in all workplaces, the more we reduce incidence of heart attacks, strokes, cancer and other diseases among workers and patrons.


Comprehensive smokefree air laws have also been proven to decrease the amount of lost productivity in our workplaces, save government and private industry millions of dollars in healthcare costs and lower the tremendous financial burden that tobacco use places on taxpayers.


On every level, a strong smokefree law is a victory for all Hoosiers.


We urge you to take a strong stand for a healthy Indiana during the next legislative session by making a comprehensive smokefree air law a legislative priority for your administration.


Thousands of Hoosiers – citizens and business owners – will thank you for years to come.






Danielle Patterson and Kevin O’Flaherty

Co-chairs, Indiana Campaign for Smokefree Air