Action Alert: Urge Governor Daniels to make smokefree air a legislative priority

Smokefree Air – the fight to save lives continues!

“I’m a very big supporter of anything that helps people avoid cigarettes.”

“I would say each year there’s been growing public support for (a smokefree law) and so I think there’s a chance next year.”

-Governor Mitch Daniels, August 14, 2011


Dear Indiana Campaign for Smokefree Air supporter,

Just last month, Governor Daniels stated publicly what we’ve all known for years – that public support for a statewide smokefree law just keeps getting stronger and stronger.


The Governor is right – support for smokefree air has never been higher. Our goal for the upcoming legislative session is to pass a bill that will protect all Indiana workers from the harmful effects of secondhand smoke. Whether such legislation can make it through the House and Senate for it to reach the Governor will depend on how vocal and involved our advocates can be.


Please send a message to Governor Daniels today. Thank Governor Daniels for his support and urge him to make a comprehensive smokefree air law a legislative priority for his administration during the 2012 Legislative Session.


We feel that Governor Daniels has the opportunity to leave a lasting legacy on the physical and fiscal health of all Hoosiers. Please help us show him just how much support there is for this issue in Indiana. Tell the Governor that you want him to take up this issue and be a leader in advocating for making Indiana a smokefree state for all workers!


Optional text to cut and paste into your message to Governor Daniels:
Thank you for supporting a statewide smokefree air law in Indiana. As you know, public support for a comprehensive smokefree workplace law just keeps getting stronger. Please make passage of a comprehensive smokefree air law part of your legislative agenda.


Danielle Patterson and Kevin O’Flaherty
Co-chairs, Indiana Campaign for Smokefree Air