Urgent Action: Smoke-free Air Heads to the Full House of Representatives

Dear Indiana Campaign for Smokefree Air supporter,


Yesterday afternoon, the House Public Health Committee passed the Smokefree Air bill (House Bill 1149) out of committee. It will now go to the full House of Representatives for a vote.


This vote could happen as soon as tomorrow!


House Bill 1149 would make workplaces in Indiana, including bars and restaurants, smokefree. The bill does contain a few exemptions, one for tobacco specialty shops and one for the gaming floors of casinos. There is also a provision dealing with private clubs. Private clubs can decide for themselves whether or not to allow smoking. If the club votes to allow smoking, then people under the age of 18 will be prevented from entering.


Please take a moment today to call or email your State Representative and tell them that you support smokefree air. Ask them to vote for House Bill 1149 without any more exemptions that would further weaken the bill.


The time to get this issue done is now. You can find the contact information for your State Representative by clicking this link.


This process is moving very quickly, so it is crucial that you make your voice heard as soon as possible. As always, the goal of the Indiana Campaign for Smokefree Air is to pass the strongest bill possible and we are continuing to work towards a day when every single worker in Indiana is protected by a smokefree law.


When talking to your legislator keep in mind that secondhand smoke affects real people in Indiana.


Listen to Mara’s story about her mother, who died of lung cancer despite having never smoked a day in her life. Hoosiers deserve a strong smokefree workplace law to protect people like Alice Curry, who died of lung cancer after a lifetime of exposure to harmful secondhand smoke in the workplace.


Click to watch.




Please forward this message to any friends or members of your community who are concerned about secondhand smoke harming their families.





Danielle Patterson and Kevin O’Flaherty

Co-chairs, Indiana Campaign for Smokefree Air