Withdrawling our support HB 1149

Indiana Campaign for Smokefree Airs Withdraws Support of House Bill 1149   INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Campaign for Smokefree Air is withdrawing its support of House Bill 1149, which was intended to protect thousands of Hoosier workers from the dangers … Continue reading »

Legislative Update and Next Steps

Yesterday, the Senate passed what started out as a “smokefree” workplace bill. As it currently stands, the bill will still allow smoking in many workplaces; bars & taverns, casinos, membership clubs, nursing homes and mental health facilities to name a … Continue reading »

Smokefree Air Advocates: Listen to Their Stories

Listen to these Indiana smokefree advocates talk about the need for a STRONG smokefree workplace law that protects all Hoosiers.

Indiana Musicians Speak Out for Smokefree Legislation

Indiana musicians often don’t have a choice between working and breathing smokefree air. Listen to them talk about why smoke-filled bars give them the blues. Join the movement — please forward this to friends and state legislators to support a … Continue reading »

Indy Star Editorial: Put Hoosiers’ health above other interests

Another supportive editorial! Thanks to the Indy Star for their editorial that ran today. The Star has long been in support of smoke-free Indy and Indiana. Read their editorial here, or below.   In the next few days, members of … Continue reading »

Breaking News: 70% of Indiana voters support making Indiana smoke-free

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: CONTACT: Tim Harms (317) 732-4717, American Heart Association Ashley Rockhold (202) 296-5469, Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids   70 Percent of Indiana Voters Support Law Making Workplaces, Restaurants and Bars Smoke-Free Pending legislation, backed by Gov. Daniels, would protect … Continue reading »

South Bend Tribune: Opportune time for a statewide smoking ban

We would like to thank the South Bend Tribune for their support of a smoke-free Indiana. Last week, they took to their editorial page to support the current effort at the State House, urging the General Assembly to pass HB … Continue reading »

Urgent Action: Smoke-free Air Heads to the Full House of Representatives

Dear Indiana Campaign for Smokefree Air supporter,   Yesterday afternoon, the House Public Health Committee passed the Smokefree Air bill (House Bill 1149) out of committee. It will now go to the full House of Representatives for a vote.   … Continue reading »

Our Statement Regarding HB 1149 Passing Out of Committee

For Immediate Release Thursday, Jan. 12, 2012   Media Contact Tim Harms, (317) 373-8339 Statement on House Bill 1149 Passing Out of Committee   The Indiana Campaign for Smokefree Air is pleased that House Bill 1149 received overwhelming support during … Continue reading »

News Recap and Next Steps

There was lots of news coverage recently regarding the hearing for HB 1149. In case you couldn’t attend, we’ve compiled some news clips.   – WRTV   – NWI Times   – WISH TV   Couldn’t make the hearing but … Continue reading »

Action Alert: The Smokefree Air Bill Will be Taken up on Monday

Dear Indiana Campaign for Smokefree Air supporter,   This is it! The Smokefree Air bill (House Bill 1149) has been introduced by State Representatives Eric Turner and Charlie Brown and it looks like it has the potential to move through … Continue reading »

News Release: Indiana Campaign for Smokefree Air Response to Proposed Smokefree Legislation

Please see the attached or below for our response to all the latest news going down at the Indiana state house in regards to making Indiana smoke-free.   INDIANAPOLIS – As a coalition representing more than 400 state, local and … Continue reading »

American Cancer Society Applauds Governor Daniels

Our partners over at the American Cancer Society recently released a statement applauding Governor Daniels for making a smoke-free Indiana a legislative priority. Late last week, Speaker Brian Bosma also made some comments about fast-tracking smoke-free legislation prior to the … Continue reading »

Push for a Smoke Free Indiana a Legislative Priority for Many

Yesterday, House Speaker Brian Bosma stated that making Indiana smoke-free could be fast-tracked in the General Assembly.   And today, Governor Daniels laid out his top legislative priorities and making Indiana smoke-free was one of them. Governor Daniels stated that he believes … Continue reading »

Letter to Editor in Northwest Indiana Times

Check out this great letter, submitted by a couple from Arizona, refusing to spend their dollars in an Indiana town due to their lack of a smoke-free law.   Keep the letters coming in!    

Another Supportive Editorial

We’d like to thank Speros Batistatos of the South Shore Convention and Visitors Authority for their support of making Indiana smoke-free, including in our bars and taverns. You can check out the Editorial that ran in the Northwest Indiana Times. … Continue reading »

Help Us Fix This

What is wrong with this picture?  Help us make Indiana the next smokefree state!   The American Cancer Society, Great Lakes Division will be hosting three “Red to Green” smokefree summits. Please register here.   Currently, most of the … Continue reading »

Good Luck to Alexandria, LA!

We would like to wish Alexandria, Louisiana good luck as their city council is considering eliminating smoking in nearly all public (including bars and gaming!). The Alexandria Council meets today and the new law if passed would go into effect … Continue reading »

Indy Star Editorial: Health Rankings go up in Smoke

Thank you (again) to the Indianapolis Star for the wonderful editorial in today’s Star. As the editorial mentions, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) released a study last week that showed Indiana is lagging far behind the national decline in … Continue reading »

Action Alert: Urge Governor Daniels to make smokefree air a legislative priority

Smokefree Air – the fight to save lives continues! “I’m a very big supporter of anything that helps people avoid cigarettes.” “I would say each year there’s been growing public support for (a smokefree law) and so I think there’s … Continue reading »

Dr. Myers Support of Making Indiana Smoke-free

If you don’t get the hard copy of the Indianapolis Business Journal, you probably missed this week’s opinion/editorial section which contained a piece penned by our former State Health Commissioner, Dr. Woodrow (Woody) Myers Jr.   It should come to … Continue reading »

Our Response to Governor Daniels’ Recent Comments

As we mentioned last week, Governor Daniels said some encouraging words about the chances of a smoke-free bill passing next year in the General Assembly. Well, we thought we should respond to Governor Daniels, thanking him for his support. So, … Continue reading »

Gov Daniels Says Smoking Ban Has a Shot at Passing

There has been lots of recent news coverage in regards to Governor Daniels’ comments in regards to the likely hood of Indiana passing a smoke-free law next year. The Evansville Courier Press was the first to report.   We’d like to … Continue reading »

Editorial in Evansville Courier Press

  Due to the recent news of the decrease in Indiana’s smoking rate (21.2%, the lowest in Indiana, ever) The Courier Press in Evansville wrote an editorial today in support of making Indiana smoke-free, including restaurants & bars.   Thank … Continue reading »

23-Year Military Veteran Dislikes the Smoke

  Mr. Henry Hansen of Muncie, IN wrote this letter to the editor of the Muncie Star Press. As a disabled Veteran of the Vietnam war, Mr. Mr Hansen wants to go to his Veterans Clubs, minus the smoke.   … Continue reading »

Press From New Study

  Last week we sent out a press release in regards to a new study that showed smokefree laws do not negatively impact rural OR urban economies. Check out the coverage below.   – WANE.COM   As the press release … Continue reading »

Smoke Free Casino Opens to Jam Packed Crowds

A new casino just opened in Des Plaines, IL and was jam-packed with people. Shortly after it opened on Monday, it reached its’ 3,600 person capacity and officials had to ask visitors to consider delaying their visit.   This is … Continue reading »

Smoke-free Advocate Alice Curry Passes Away

It is with a heavy heart we report that Alice Curry of Columbus, IN has passed. She was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer two years ago, and since then has dedicated what little time she had to advocating for making … Continue reading »

Allowing casinos to go back to smoking will not bring patrons back: they never left

Earlier this year, the tobacco control advocates were victorious in an attempt by the casino and tobacco industry to roll back IL’s Clean Air Act which would have allowed their casinos to become smoking.   There were anecdotal  cries from … Continue reading »

Indiana’s Newest Smoke-Free Community – Still the Best Alternative

The Muncie Star Press once again took to their editorial pages to support the smoke-free air law that passed Delaware County earlier this month.   The new law will go into effect 30 days after the Ordinance is publicly posted, … Continue reading »

Our Response to Indy Star Editorial

Last week, the Indianapolis Star ran an editorial that we didn’t completely agree with. So, we had our response posted today in the Indy Star.   You can find it here.   Enjoy.

New Study Showing Lives & Dollars Saved by Making Indiana Smoke-free

The American Cancer Society’s Cancer Action Network commissioned leading experts to derive updated and expanded estimates for the health and economic savings for those 27 states that do not have a strong smoke-free law in place. Of course as you … Continue reading »

Congrats to Newest Smoke-free Community in Indiana

    Congratulations to Delaware County (Muncie) for becoming Indiana’s newest smoke-free community. A very strong law passed last night which will prohibit smoking in nearly every public workplace, including bars & taverns.   Some news coverage: – Star Press … Continue reading »

American Lung Association to host forum on making Indy smokefree

Consider yourself invited. Now that the campaign for 2011 is over, it will be important to focus smokefree efforts on the local level. Please join community leaders, elected officials and candidates for this discussion on making Indianapolis smokefree. Cash bar … Continue reading »

Weekly Round-Up

Sorry for a lag in blogging this week. Things have been quite crazy at the Capital. We’ll try and provide you a well rounded recap of things that went down this week. Here goes.   Well, to start of the … Continue reading »

Letter to Editor: Embarrassed to Live in State that Lack Smokefree Law

A great letter to the editor of the Indianapolis Star was submitted from Pediatrician Sarah Bosslet earlier this week.   A new study was recently published in the Journal of Pediatrics correlating poor health outcome for newborns and a mother’s … Continue reading »

Editorial Coverage from Senate Vote on Smokefree Air

There have been gobs of news stories from right here in Indiana and across the US from Wednesday’s news of the Public Policy Committee of the Indiana Senate essentially defeating HB 1018, which would have made some workplaces in Indiana … Continue reading »

Smokefree Advocates Rally at the Statehouse

Yesterday (April 5) nearly 200 American Cancer Society advocates rallied at the Indiana Statehouse to support a smokefree Indiana. They urged the Senate Public Policy Committee to put bars & taverns back in House Bill 1018. Click here for Fox 59 … Continue reading »

Smoke Free Bill Should Include Bars and Tavers

Danielle Patterson, Chair of the Indiana Campaign for Smokefree Air (ICSA) submits our official statement to the Indianapolis Star regarding HB 1018. Click here to view our statement.   Reminder, HB 1018 is up for a vote in the Senate … Continue reading »

Media Round-Up From Senate Hearing

  There was lots of media surrounding Wednesday’s hearing in the Public Policy Committee of the Indiana Senate. Below are some media clips. Enjoy.   -Indiana Public Media -WIBC -WISH TV   And, in case you missed it, Indiana University released … Continue reading »

IN Senate Public Policy Committee Outcome, Will Vote Next Week

    Today, the Indiana Senate heard testimony from us and many others in support and against HB 1018. As you know, we want the bill strengthened to put bars/taverns and other exemptions back in the bill as it was … Continue reading »

Smokefree Environments Linked to Less Breast Cancer

    Check out the story below that ran in HealthDay News in regards to a new study released by our friends at Roswell Park Cancer Institute. Researchers estimate that about 20 percent of the change in breast-cancer death rates is … Continue reading »


Keep up the pressure on the Senate Public Policy Committee to pass a strong smokefree bill that includes bars Great news smokefree advocates! The Senate Public Policy Committee will hear House Bill 1018, the statewide smokefree air bill, this Wednesday … Continue reading »

Wisconsin Bartenders Health Improve After Smokefree Law (duh!)

    A new study was released by the University of Wisconsin this week that showed the respiratory health of bartenders has improved one year after Wisconsin implemented 2009 Wisconsin Act 12 which eliminated smoking in most workplaces, including restaurants, bars and … Continue reading »

Coming to a Newspaper Near You

    The American Cancer Society – Cancer Action Network has placed ads on behalf of the Indiana Campaign for Smokefree Air in local newspapers across Indiana. The ad below will be running in the Lafayette area this weekend. Check … Continue reading »

Indianapolis Business Journal Once Again in Support of Smokefree Indy & Indiana

    Once again the Indianapolis Business Journal (IBJ)  has taken to their Editorial pages to support making Indianapolis and Indiana smokefree.  As they mentioned in the article, this is not a new topic for the IBJ. They’ve advocated and … Continue reading »

Big Ten Basketball Fans Upset of Indy Smoking Policy

    If you happened to watch the news yesterday, you probably saw a few stories in regards to 3 Big Ten Schools (Michigan State, University of Michigan and Iowa) upset over being assigned bars that allow smoking, even though … Continue reading »

Smoke Free Indy Releases Big Ten Bar Guide

    Couldn’t get tickets to your team’s game but still want to go out and watch the game? Or are you planning on going out downtown after your team (hopefully) wins.   Did you know that each team has … Continue reading »

Check Out Our New Fact Sheets!

    Need all the latest data and information on smokefree air? Look no further. We have compiled hundreds of studies, economic reports, polls and more into easy to use (and pretty)  fact sheets.   We have fact sheets on … Continue reading »

Smokefree Air Act has Made Iowa Better

    In 2008, Iowa passed the Smokefree Air Act who prohibited smoking in most of Iowa’s workplaces, including bars. 3 years later, 79% of Iowa voters believe that Iowa is now a better place to live, work and raise … Continue reading »

Support is Statewide for a Smokefree Indiana

    Check out this recent letter to the editor in the Northwest Indiana Times newspaper in support of making Indiana smokefree. Thank you Natalie Rivich, of Chesterton for your support.

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Smoke Free Indy

    Join Smoke Free Indy at the annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade on March 17th at 11:30, in Downtown Indianapolis. Smoke Free Indy will once again have a float in this years parade and will be handing out candy … Continue reading »

Blog Post: Time for Evansville to go Smokefree

  Today we bring you a story from the Evansville Courier & Press newspaper. The story recognizes and applauds the leadership of the Vanderburgh County Commissioners to close the loopholes in their current smokefree county ordinance then encourages and asks … Continue reading »

Smokefree News Round-up

    There are lots of local smokefree ordinances on the table across Indiana right now. Although we would like to see a state-wide law, it is great these local communities have taken the initiative to go smokefree and are no longer … Continue reading »

Vanderburgh County, IN passes comprehensive smokefree law

    Last night, Vanderburgh County Commissioners closed the loopholes in their smokefree ordinance, making Vanderburgh County smokefree.   http://www.courierpress.com/news/2011/feb/22/county-bans-smoking-all-bars-restaurants/    

Blog Post: Welcome to the new website

    Welcome to the new Indiana Campaign for Smokefree Air (ICSA) website. If you have made it to this site, you probably know that ICSA is committed to protecting all workers from exposure to secondhand smoke by working toward … Continue reading »